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Astarte Selects DMS Governance for AIFM Services

November 14 2017

DMS Governance (DMS), announced today that leading innovative fund manager Astarte Capital Partners LLP ('Astarte') has selected DMS for AIFM and distribution services to the Astarte Alternative Assets Specialist Fund, L.P., launching in Q1 2018 with a size of $200M.  

Astarte: Aligned, Innovative, ESG-conscious, Co-Investing in Real Assets

October 31 2017

The fee structure is not the only innovative aspect of Astarte, which invests in niches that are often neglected by other asset managers. “We focus on less well understood, specialist, below the radar areas that are more operationally complex and therefore face less competition from other investors” Teresa Farmaki explains.

Most Innovative Manager Award 2017 - Fund Intelligence

October 30 2017

Astarte Capital Partners LLP, has been shortlisted for the prestigious category "Most Innovative Manager" at this years awards. 


Greek SMBs attract interest from International Funds (in Greek)

September 18 2017

Η Ελλάδα χρειάζεται επενδύσεις αναπτυξιακού χαρακτήρα στις μικρομεσαίες επιχειρήσεις της χώρας, οι οποίες είναι περισσότερο ευέλικτες και καινοτόμες, τονίζει η Ελληνίδα Fund Manager Τερέζα Φαρμάκη από το Λονδίνο. 

Astarte Capital teams with niche real asset owners

September 11 2017

Astarte Capital Partners, a co-investment platform for “value-add infrastructure” assets, is about half-way to closing its latest $200 million fund.

Astarte Capital Partners Expands its London Team and Global Footprint

July 20 2017

Astarte Capital Partners, a specialist alternatives co-investment platform with a focus on real assets, has made three appointments to its London-based team.

Executive Insight

June 30 2017

Dr Stavros Siokos is the Managing Partner of Astarte Capital Partners - a specialist alternative co-investment platform with a focus on the real assets space.

Astarte & BlueLake In Strategic Partnership

March 01 2017

London-based alternatives investment manager Astarte Capital Partners has formed a partnership with BlueLake Associates, a Zug-based investment consultancy and asset allocation specialist.

Dr Stavros Siokos on types of alignment of interest

February 14 2017
What types of alignment of interest really make a difference and under what conditions?

No management fee in new real assets platform

December 11 2016

Astarte Capital Partners, a London-based alternatives firm, has come up with an innovative platform structure, with no management fees, which is offering a tight range of private equity opportuniti

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